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Video slot machines

How Are Video Slot Machines Better?

Let's take a look at the reasons why video slot machines are considered better than the classic ones:

1. You win much more

A classic or regular slot machine has one pay line and gives you three coins to use.

Now stop for a second and consider - how much can you really win in this? Well, the answer is not much.

Take an example to see things more clearly. Big Game Win supports Rival Gaming. Here you have one pay line and two coins in which to make your big move. The right one can earn you as many as 2000 coins, the condition being that the three symbols you have chosen land on the pay line. While 2000 coins may be a very good jackpot for many, bonuses and additional prizes are necessary to making the game more enjoyable. And this is what video slot machines provide.

2. It is easy to play

How difficult can it be to play on a slot machine? It isn't difficult at all; in fact it is very easy.

Most casino game software providers have on offer numerous video slot machine games that come loaded with different bonus features. This not only keeps a player hooked, it also helps you get better at predicting the odds on your own win. The best feature is that all these games have as many as 10, 15, 30 or 100 free spins that can enable you to win a lot.

3. The "free spin" bonus game gets you a lot of wins

It is a fact that when you play so many free spins, you are bound to win something. Free spin bonus games maximize your chances of winning since the multiplier is adding all your wins as you play along. This could mean a whopper amount when you finish or quit playing. Once you have your three scatter symbols ready, you are ready to roll. And since it is so easy to win at free spin bonus games, this makes the game so much more fun.

4. There are different versions of the game

Since the slot machines are so popular, various versions of the game have become favorites with players. The Fantastic Four is one such version.

Having twenty different pay line slots in five reels, this game has been developed by software firm WagerLogic and is inspired by Marvel comic heroes. Players can choose from four different heroes: Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Human Touch and Thing. This version of the game has several bonuses that include additional multipliers, expanding wilds and free spins. All you need is five symbols on an enabled pay line to win as many as 10,000 coins.