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Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Basic Strategy
Blackjack is one of the only games where with a little practice you can gretly increase your odds of winning. So don't rely on luck anymore, practice this strategy and you'll be a sure winner!

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Follow the chart below for optimal results in most blackjack games. This chart should apply to the rules that most online casinos adhere to (such as Blackjack Ballroom), although there are always variations. To read it, locate your hand on the vertical column and find where it crosses with the dealer's upcard. If two options are available, go with the first if the house allows it, otherwise choose the second.Also, you should never take insurance, as in the long run it does not pay off.

blackjack strategy chart

Chart Legend
H Hit
S Stand
D Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Ds Double if allowed, otherwise stand
P Split
H/P Split if allowed to double after a split, otherwise hit
H/R Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit

Your first two cards are K,3 (total 13), while the dealer has a 7 upcard showing. According to the chart, the intersection of 13 and 7 is a Hit, so we take another card. Assume your next card is a 4, bringing your total to 17. Now the intersection of 17 and 7 is a Stand, so we stop taking new cards (anything above 17 we usually stand too). It's that simple! This chart was arrived at using millions of computer simulations to determine the optimal play in any situation, so simply follow it and play blackjack like a pro!