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Online Baccarat

Welcome to OPW's guide to playing baccarat online. Although many people find baccarat to be a confusing game from the outside, it is actually a very simple game to play once you have read the rules. The best way to understand baccarat, is to start playing online baccarat for free. Each of the online casinos listed here allows you to play online for free, without even needing a credit card. Try free online baccarat today.

How to Play Baccarat
Cards are dealt to two hands, named Player and Banker. The object of the game is to correctly pick which hand will have the higher score.

If you bet on Player and win, you win even money. If you bet on Banker and win, you win even money minus a 5% commission. You can also place a bet on Tie, which pays 9 to 1.

Baccarat Card values
- Cards 2 through 9 count as face value.
- 10, Jack, Queen, and King count as 0.
- Ace counts as 1.

To calculate the score for the hand, add the values of each card and drop the ten's digit. If you are playing online, of course, this will automatically be done for you.

For example:
A hand with 2 sevens scores as follows:
7 + 7 = 14 – the ten's digit = 4

A hand with 3 sevens has a score of 1:
7 + 7 + 7 = 21 – the ten's digit = 1

Pretty simple! And with a little luck, it's possible to win loads of money at this game!

Play Baccarat Online

Online Baccarat Multiplayer Tables

baccarat at golden palace
Golden Palace Casino

Get up to $200 free when you play baccarat at Golden Palace Casino. Live multiplayer action or get a private table just for yourself. Excellent odds, 24 hour customer support and easy to download. Play free baccarat or play for real money.

PiggsPeak Online Casino Baccarat

piggspeak baccarat
PiggsPeak Casino

One of the very few online casinos that is also a land based casino and resort. With luxury and a formidable reputation, PiggsPeak offers awesome baccarat, slot machines, card tables and jackpots online. Play baccarat for free or play for real money.

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