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Welcome to the Online Poker Winner guide. Each of the online poker rooms listed on this site is licensed and has a long history of providing fair and safe games. They all have 24 hour customer support, encrypted security of personal information, user-friendly gaming software, and offer a fun and enjoyable playing experience.

Best Poker sites

We list five poker rooms as we only kept the best ones. If you are in the USA Carbon Poker is the remaining available choice at this time.

Party Poker offers a large selection of tables, limits and tournaments online. Many other poker rooms claim to be the largest online, but few come close to matching the amount of action offered at Party Poker.

With non-stop high and low limit poker games around the clock, daily tournaments, including satellites, freerolls, and the WPT PartyPoker Million, it's no wonder that PartyPoker is the number one online poker site in Europe. It's easy to sign up, and even easier to play poker for free right now. Or for money.

The excellent software and easy navigation throughout the poker room make playing easy for everyone to enjoy the game of poker. If you get disconnected your seat will be saved and you can come back and continue your game.

Party Poker has gone to great lengths to make the online poker experience fun, safe, secure, and enjoyable for all levels of poker players. If you already have an account at Party but want to try one of the best poker sites, another great choice for online poker is Titan Poker.

If you are new to online poker start by playing the 'play money' games. This way you learn the rules and way of playing at no cost. But do not stay there too long as 'fun money' will give you bad habits if you ever decide to play at the real money online poker sites at some point.

Bad habits because players have no real incentive to fold in these games. But once betting means putting your cash on the table, people start to think twice before calling with a weak hand.

You may notice that pokerstars is not in our list. Simply because almost everyone already has an account there as they are number one by a large margin. But if you do not yet have an account there use the 2015 marketing code pokerstars in order to qualify for their VIP Club.

Pokerstars is really a good room as it can please almost any type of player given its large traffic and choice of games or tournaments. So if you are a newbie player looking to learn the game, an experienced grinder seeking new pastures to hone your skills, or even a top pro trying to battle the best, you will not be disappointed. The only players who may not like stars are the props who like very quite rooms so they can oversee all the action.

If you like online games and betting, then you may like binary options. Behind this rather arcane name stands a very simple product that is at the crossroads of trading and gambling. But like in poker where we recommend pokerstars, in binaries only focus on the best binary options brokers to invest your money. This is just common sense: as these offerings are still rather new, bet on the safe side by only considering operators with some history and a good reputation.

For some poker players the game may become boring after playing too much as there are only 52 cards in a deck so it gets quite repetitive. But with binary options you can trade up to 100 different assets. And it feels more real in a sense as it all relates to financial markets and the economy, which affect us all in our daily life. So trading google or gold is the reality of this world, not an abstract game like poker.